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Gov. DeSantis Claims That Majority of Illegal Immigrants Flock To Red State of Florida…

by Graham Allen Team

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis revealed this week that a majority of immigrants apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border say they are headed to Florida.

DeSantis visited the southern border in Texas over the weekend to observe where Florida law enforcement assisted with apprehensions.

“Florida law enforcement have assisted with the apprehension of more than 2,800 undocumented aliens in 23 days and aided in more than 100 criminal arrests for felonies including human trafficking, drug smuggling and stolen vehicles,” DeSantis said in a news release.

“We appreciate Texas stepping up where the federal government won’t,” said DeSantis. “When Governor Abbott put out the call for help at the border, we immediately answered because we know that the success in Texas is America’s success. Of the individuals our law enforcement have apprehended at the border, more than 70% said they ultimately wanted to go to Florida. To solve this problem, we want to see successful border policies reinstated that President Biden irresponsibly removed. Until then, states are going to have to step up, and I am proud to dedicate Florida resources to help. In addition to our law enforcement officers, Florida National Guard will continue to serve at the border to support Texas National Guard until October 2022.”

“I am proud to stand with Governor DeSantis as he steps up to provide aid and solutions to combat the crisis at our southern border — a crisis created by President Biden,” said Attorney General Ashley Moody.

“As Attorney General, I work daily to protect our citizens from crime, shield our children from human traffickers and fight the opioid crisis now claiming 21 lives a day in our state. It is downright shameful that this administration’s abdication of duty has led us to this point, but I am grateful for the leadership shown by our Governor in doing the job our president refuses to do — secure our nation’s border and protect our communities,” Moody added.

“I want to thank Governor DeSantis for his support and our officers who have devoted long hours in support of this mission,” said FWC Lieutenant Colonel Brian Smith.

“We’ve been able to provide some much-needed relief for local law enforcement along the border stretched thin by the increase in the number of people crossing into the U.S. illegally. We’ve made a difference by providing an infusion of personnel and resources. Our officers are proud to be a part of this effort,” Smith added.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials announced on Friday that a whopping 188,829 illegal aliens crossed into America in June 2021, the most in any month for the past 21 years.

Since Biden took office, there have now been over 1 million crossings this yea, according to data from CBP.

And the crisis is only getting worse.

Below are the monthly totals of illegal border crossings dating back six months:

February: 101,120

March: 173,348

April: 178,622

May: 180,034

June: 188,829

Former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Ron Vitiello is calling out Joe Biden for directly being involved in creating and allowing the border crisis to worsen by the day.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Vitiello said the “root cause” of the border crisis is Biden’s decision to reverse several immigration policies enacted by Donald Trump.

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