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Lawyer Who Testified Against Trump In Impeachment Now Playing Influential Role In Biden’s DOJ

by Graham Allen Team

Even as tens of millions of Americans wonder whether the 2020 election was on the level after four years of the ‘deep state’ coming after former President Donald Trump, the Biden regime is continuing to put ‘the old band back together.’

The Washington Free Beacon reports that one of the congressional Democrats’ top impeachment witnesses, Pamela Karlan, is becoming an emerging force within Biden’s Justice Department. And what’s more, she is said to be spearheading policy on LGBTQ issues in public schools as well as voter integrity laws being passed in GOP-controlled states.

The outlet notes:

Pamela Karlan’s spirited testimony made waves during the first impeachment of former president Donald Trump. Now the number-two official in the Justice Department’s civil rights division. … 

Karlan’s profile has been eclipsed by her superiors and their hotly contested confirmations. Once favored by progressives for the Supreme Court, Karlan has admitted that her leftwing commitments and snarky personal style probably foreclosed a judicial career. But those characteristics made her ideal for a moment when progressives are looking to Biden’s Justice Department as a redoubt against a conservative Supreme Court and alleged attacks on the franchise.

“Pam Karlan is one of the great civil rights lawyers of our time,” University of Virginia law professor George Rutherglen told the Washington Free Beacon.

“As an advocate and as a scholar, she takes daring and original positions and backs them up with sound argument and an encyclopedic knowledge of the law. She was a great addition to the University of Virginia when she was here and she is a great addition to the Biden Department of Justice now,” Rutherglen added.

To which we would initially respond: Define ‘one of the greats…’ Being a left-wing hack attorney only makes you automatically “great” to other left-wing hacks. And thank goodness for small favors that she never made it to U.S. Supreme Court, where it’s already hard enough to get the ‘conservatives’ like Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh to behave.

“Karlan notched an early victory in March when she circulated a three-page memo to federal officials on Title IX, the federal civil rights in education law,” the WFB continued. “The memo is the linchpin of a new regulatory regime that will likely allow transgender students to participate in women’s sports and access their preferred bathroom facilities.

“Three months after the Justice Department circulated the memo, the Education Department issued its own guidance document fully embracing Karlan’s reasoning, which cites the Karlan memo in support of its conclusions,” the outlet continued.

Whatever else she is, it’s clear that Karlan is a pure activist for the left first, foremost, and always. She said as much during her 2009 Stanford Law commencement address.

“Would I like to be on the Supreme Court? You bet I would. But not enough to have trimmed my sails for half a lifetime,” she said.

“I don’t regret taking sides on questions involving the Voting Rights Act,” Karlan added. “I don’t regret helping to defend the constitutional rights of criminal defendants. I don’t regret litigating cases on behalf of gay people. I don’t even regret being sort of snarky.”

We don’t need ‘activists’ on federal courts and in the ‘Justice’ Department. We need men and women who respect the rule of law and the Constitution.

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