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Liberal Lawyer and Trump Nemesis, Michael Avenatti Cries While Being Sentenced To Prison

by Graham Allen Team

The fall is now complete for disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti, a man who was at one time being mentioned as a serious contender for the 2020 presidential nomination for his tirades against former President Donald J. Trump.

On Thursday, the morally challenged man who was once a celebrated figure on the political left and who was a fixture on CNN was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for his spectacularly failed scheme to extort millions from athletic shoe colossus Nike, a crime that brought him crashing down to earth and made him radioactive to the same media that once fawned over him.

Avenetti’s rising star was largely the result of his being the lawyer for adult movie “actress” Stormy Daniels, whose lurid claims of her “fling” with Trump back when he was just a successful billionaire businessman and reality television host allowed him to grab a seat on the gravy train.

The Lady Gaga of the anti-Trump resistance was featured nearly nightly on the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” as well as on the late-night shows of Democrat shills like Jimmy Kimmel. The mainstreaming of Daniels despite her background opened the door for Avenatti, a sleazy opportunist and self-promoter who was showered with adoration by a media blinded by their hatred of Trump.

But like Icarus, Avenatti flew too close to the sun and the left quickly turned on him after his unwanted intervention in the infamous confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, when he brought forth a client who claimed to have been present at parties where young women were given booze and drugs and allegedly gang-raped by the teenaged Kavanaugh and his high school buddies.

It didn’t take long before gaping holes were discovered in the account of Julie Swetnick bringing further dishonor to the Dems’ Kavanaugh circus and many on the left blamed Avenatti for the collapse of their campaign against the well-respected conservative judge.

The claims of Avenatti’s shady client were enough to sway the critical swing vote from Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a woman who the left viciously harassed and who could have sunk Kavanaugh’s chances had Swetnick not been introduced to the equation.

Soon after, Avenatti’s fortunes took a dramatic turn for the worse and the inadvertent sabotage of the anti-Kavanaugh operation led to an end of his television appearances. Troubles continued to mount with a domestic violence arrest and the wheels came off completely when he was arrested in early 2019 for the Nike extortion scheme.

New York US Attorney Geoffrey Berman said at the time; “When lawyers use their law licenses as weapons, as a guise to extort payments for themselves, they are no longer acting as attorneys. They are acting as criminals,” 

Further adding to his woes was another case in California where the attorney was being investigated for cheating his clients out of millions of dollars to fund his own lavish lifestyle.

Los Angeles US attorney Nick Hanna said that the allegations served to “paint an ugly picture of lawless conduct and greed.” Avenatti faces a fraud trial that opens later this month as well as another trial in California set to take place later this year, both could substantially add to the time that he’ll spend behind bars.

Additionally, Avenatti still has to stand trial in Manhatten next year for swindling Daniels out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reacting to the news, Daniels issued the following statement on social media: “He was a man you wanted to trust and believe in, but the longer I knew him I began witnessing his lies and dishonesty until I realized I too became his victim,” she wrote on Instagram, “I am sure today he found a reckoning. Let’s hope that that leads to a honest realization that he must change his life.”

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