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New Poll Reveals Vast Majority of Americans Are Unhappy With Biden’s Border Policies

by Graham Allen Team

A new poll on Joe Bide’s handling of the border crisis is bad news for Democrats.

According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, a majority of Americans disapprove of the job Biden is doing on immigration.

The survey shows 51% of respondents are not satisfied with Biden’s handling of the border crisis while only 33% say they approve of how he’s handled the crisis.

According to a Texas/Texas Tribune poll, many Texans are furious about how the Biden administration is handling the crisis at the southern border.

A whopping 57% of Texas voters disapprove of Biden’s “handling of immigration and border security.”

When looking at Republicans alone, 89 percent disapprove of Biden’s leadership.

The poll also discovered that 34 percent of Texans considered immigration at the southern border to be the state’s biggest issue at the moment.

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Kamala Harris finally visited the U.S.-Mexico border after relentless criticism from lawmakers that she has been avoiding the border and ignoring the crisis of illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

During an interview on Fox News, former Trump adviser Stephen Miller accused Harris and the Biden administration of trying to facilitate illegal immigrants into the country.

MILLER: “Yes, they’re forcing out, as we speak, two of the highest-ranking individuals in CBP and Border Patrol whose only crime was wanting to follow the laws of the United States. This is political retaliation against law enforcement officers for simply trying to uphold their oath and perform their duties as the Constitution requires. Let’s just cut through all the nonsense and get right to the heart of the issue.

Vice President Harris is not attempting to, trying to secure the border in any way, shape or form. Her objective and President Biden’s objective is to destroy the border, to eliminate border security, and to facilitate the mass entry of illegal aliens. This is simply provable by the fact that they dismantled every single policy President Trump had in place that stopped illegal immigration, that stopped asylum fraud, that protected our border. They did that on purpose.

They did it by choice, they did it by design. And so the question we have to ask ourselves as a nation is this: If the executive branch willfully violates the Constitution of the United States, their requirement to take care the laws be faithfully executed, what is the remedy? I would suggest to you that our courts have an affirmative obligation to enjoin this lawless conduct and to require this administration to follow the laws the Congress has enacted, period.”

“We’re going to turn the entire world into a thriving middle class so nobody stands to benefit from coming to the United States, nobody stands to benefit from getting free American welfare, free American taxpayer dollars, free American education, free American health care? That’s such an insane concept,” he said.

Miller concluded: “It is so intellectually dishonest, disingenuous, unserious at every level, but the reality is Vice President Harris doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t believe it for one second, nor does President Biden, nor do their staffs. They came in with a goal to dismantle border security, and that’s what they’re doing.”

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