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Watch: Cuban Military Rips Lady Off The Air For Reporting Atrocities of Communism

by Graham Allen Team

Do you know a socialist democrat? Someone that suffers from the FALSE idea that communism isn’t bad? Well, if so, show them this article and I’m POSITIVE it will help…

A social media activist in Cuba named Dina Stars was speaking with Spain TV on Tuesday discussing the protests and the people’s retaliation to the Communist regime and Cuba. Everything normal right? WRONG.

Unlike America, Cubans don’t have the luxury of freedom of speech, so the Communist Regime decided to enforce that while the social media activist was ON AIR.

Behind the scenes Dina’s friend notifies her that state police were outside her house and were instructing them to shut the interview down and to come outside.

“Security is out there…I have to go out,” Stars even said to the live show.

Eventually she comes back and tells the TV show that they’re taking her to the police station and her future was uncertain…

Is it just me or can we trade some of America’s “influencers” for this girl! So many leftist tik tokers, vloggers, etc. advocate for the ideals that are HURTING this lady on LIVE TV!

“They’re taking me to (police head quarters). Live via Spain, I will hold the government responsible for whatever happens to me,” Dina said before leaving.

This is real life. People in America take our freedom for granted. I applaud this young lady for her bravery and setting an example for what a REAL social media star looks like.

Watch the video of it below:

Later on video footage was released of the independent journalist and social media activist being tossed around in a government vehicle. Be sure to watch that below:

According to Fox News, “Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cuba” had called her and specifically “requested” to have a “meeting” with her. She ended up DENYING the meeting and then they started to “legally summon her.”

See what happens when they don’t “comply” with authorities in Cuba?

After that meeting was requested, she ended up saying this in an (all caps) Tweet that Fox News translated:

“I have just been called on the phone by people from the MININT [Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cuba] who at the time summoned me to ‘meet’ I said no, they told me that they were going to give me a legal summons. As soon as I get the summons I will attend with my head held high, I have nothing to hide. I keep you up to top.”

Here’s what it looked like:

Hundreds of activists have gone missing since the protests began which just goes to show the TRUE condition and cost that comes with communism…

What are your thoughts on communism after seeing this? Let me know in the comment section below…

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