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Leftist News Outlet Claims Joe Biden Deserves Credit Not Blame For Afghanistan

by Graham Allen Team

The Atlantic thinks President Joe Biden deserves “credit,” not “blame” for the disaster in Afghanistan that left thousands stranded, over a dozen Marines dead, service dogs left for dead and billions of dollars in US weaponry to the Taliban.

The Atlantic thinks these are all things to be celebrated.

“America’s longest war has been by any measure a costly failure, and the errors in managing the conflict deserve scrutiny in the years to come,” the piece starts. “But Joe Biden doesn’t “own” the mayhem on the ground right now. What we’re seeing is the culmination of 20 years of bad decisions by U.S. political and military leaders. If anything, Americans should feel proud of what the U.S. government and military have accomplished in these past two weeks. President Biden deserves credit, not blame.

The liberal propaganda continued by attempting to blame former President Donald Trump for the mess as they cleared Biden of any wrongdoing:

They all conveniently forgot that they were responsible for some of America’s biggest errors in this war and instead were incandescently self-righteous in their invective against the Biden administration. Never mind the fact that the Taliban had been gaining ground since it resumed its military campaign in 2004 and, according to U.S. estimates even four years ago, controlled or contested about a third of Afghanistan. Never mind that the previous administration’s deal with the Taliban included the release of 5,000 fighters from prison and favored an even earlier departure date than the one that Biden embraced. Never mind that Trump had drawn down U.S. troop levels from about 13,000 to 2,500 during his last year in office and had failed to repatriate America’s equipment on the ground. Never mind the delay caused by Trump and his adviser Stephen Miller’s active obstruction of special visas for Afghans who helped us.

Never mind the facts. Never mind the losses. Never mind the lessons. Biden, they felt, was in the wrong.

The Atlantic skimmed over the fact that 13 American service members were killed and also failed to put an emphasis on the fact that Biden just armed a massive group of Muslim extremists with billions of dollars worth of US weaponry.

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They also praised him for his “air strike” which killed multiple children.

The process was relentless and imperfect and, as we all have seen in the most horrific way, not without huge risks for those staying behind to help. On August 26, a suicide bomber associated with ISIS-K killed more than 150 Afghans and 13 American service members who were gathered outside the airport. However, even that heinous act didn’t deter the military. In a 24-hour period from Thursday to Friday, 12,500 people were airlifted out of the country and the president recommitted to meeting the August 31 deadline. And he did so even as his critics again sought to capitalize on tragedy for their own political gain: Republicans called for the impeachment of Biden and of Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Within hours of the attack at the airport, America struck back, killing two terrorists and injuring another with a missile launched from a drone. A separate drone strike targeted a vehicle full of explosives on Sunday. In doing so, Biden countered the argument that America might lack the intelligence or military resources we would need to defend ourselves against violent extremists now that our troops are leaving.

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