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Mark Levin Goes On Legendary Rant Schooling Biden On Leadership

by Graham Allen Team

Top conservative talker and bestselling author Mark Levin had words for President Joe Biden on Tuesday as the situation in Afghanistan continued to deteriorate rapidly, with Taliban forces taking over all of the capital of Kabul and stranding Americans.

Levin, responding to reports that the Biden administration was in negotiations with the new Taliban regime for the safe passage of those who are trapped, suggested that a stronger American leader would not be negotiating but rather making demands.

“When you elect disastrous presidents, you have disastrous consequences,” Levin, author of “American Marxism,” said in an interview with “Fox & Friends,” the network’s morning show.

Levin continued to respond to reports that one of the five Taliban prisoners the U.S. released from the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention facility in 2014 in exchange for U.S. Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is now a senior commander in Afghanistan.

“When you elect disastrous presidents, you have disastrous consequences. Obama released those five, as Obama gave pardon to a number of domestic terrorists. As Clinton gave pardon to a number of domestic terrorists, as Carter gave pardon to a number of domestic terrorists,” Levin said.

“When you show weakness to terrorists and to the enemy, they strike you. And, now, I’m worried about going forward, here,” Levin continued.

“[Biden] still won’t secure the southern border. That southern border’s wide open. Does anybody think our enemies don’t know that?” he added.

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The talk show host and former Reagan Justice Department official also ripped the mainstream media for claiming the U.S. military can simply leave Afghanistan when it can’t because Americans remain trapped behind a Taliban perimeter surrounding the international airport at Kabul.

“And I’m concerned we have thousands of American citizens stuck there,” said Levin.

“I mean, we have individuals in our country, some on TV, some on radio, who seem to think this is all over, let’s just get the hell out – we can’t just get the hell out of there now. We’re stuck.

“We have thousands of Americans there,” he continued.

Levin added that, unlike Biden, some past U.S. presidents would not have negotiated with an enemy but would instead have threatened to annihilate them.

“What do you think Theodore Roosevelt would do? What do you think Franklin Roosevelt would do? What do you think Ronald Reagan would do? What do you think Donald Trump would do?” Levin asked rhetorically.

“Do you think they’d sit back and negotiate with the State Department or they’d take steps now and say, ‘You’re going to give us our people or we’re going to crush you militarily? You’ve got 24 hours. Open that damn airport, we’re getting our people, and the clock is ticking now,” he continued.

“That’s what a leader does.”

Biden has been roundly criticized by both left and right not simply for his decision to leave Afghanistan but the manner in which the pull-out went off.

In addition to thousands of American civilians and Afghan allies being stranded, the U.S. left tons of equipment behind for the Afghan military, most of which has fallen into Taliban hands.

U.S. allies overseas have also taken Biden to task for the chaotic, disorganized pull-out.

Watch the full rant below:

Syndicated with permission from USA Features News.

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