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Michael Moore Attempts To Relate Taliban Take Over To January 6th

by Graham Allen Team

Far-left Hollywood elite Michael Moore proved that Hollywood is nothing more than a liberal bubble when he compared January 6th capitol rioters to radical Taliban terrorists on Monday.

“Their Taliban, our Taliban, everybody’s got a Taliban,” Moore tweeted in an effort to slander Trump supporters while minimizing the threat of the Taliban.

“They’re at their best when they confiscate the halls of power,” he continued.

Moore wasn’t done there. In a follow up tweet, he actually defended the Taliban while blasting the United States for being “invaders.”

“WE are the invaders. The Taliban are not invaders — they’re Afghans — it’s their country!” he wrote.

“They’re religious nuts,” he added. “We know what that looks like — we have our own!…”

On Sunday, Moore mocked the US, saying, “America loses another war. Our longest war,” he wrote. “‘We’re #1!!’”

The disgusting comments and humanization of the Taliban by Moore were offensive to many considering he defended a group who is known to give women zero rights and who kill gay people.

Taliban crimes include according to a 2015 report:

Civilian casualties, targeted killings and arbitrary executions, rape, torture and beatings, the use of civilians as human shields hostage taking, plunder and looting of public and private property, restrictions on access to basic services (food, drinking water, health services and education, electricity, transportation, etc.), blocking roads, paving the way for the escape of prisoners, displacement of families, wrong and inhumane treatment of prisoners of war and preventing the presentation of humanitarian aid to those in need.

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