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Proud American: Track Stars Praise God and Country After Securing Gold

by Graham Allen Team

On Wednesday, Olympic hurdlers Sydney McLaughlin and Dalilah Muhammad broke the previous 400-meter hurdles world record, a feat that is extremely rare to see.

The Daily Wire reports:

As noted by ESPN, McLaughlin during the Olympic trials broke Muhammad’s record in the 400-meter hurdles. Then, this week, she broke her own record by nearly half a second with a 51.46-second finish to take gold.

McLaughlin edged out Muhammad, the defending champion, by 0.12 seconds.

Still, Muhammad’s silver time, 51.58 seconds, broke McLaughlin’s previous world record from the Olympic trials.

Many American athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games have been a total embarrassment to the United States considering they have gone out of their way to bash their home country on the world stage.

The situation was much different however for gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin who thanked God and the United States for her big win.

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“Just trusting the process, giving the glory to God,” McLaughlin said during an interview with NBC when she was asked about her impressive win, also citing her “hard work and dedication” this past season amid the COIVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m just really grateful to represent my country and to have had this opportunity,” she added.

“It’s amazing,” McLaughlin said as she reacted to a video clip of a her former high school watching her win. “Oh my gosh, I can see my high school coach, my principal. It’s just an awesome opportunity to be able to represent them all back home.”

The New York Times highlights just how impressive McLaughlin’s win really was:

Muhammad, 31, who had come to Tokyo as the reigning Olympic champion, went out hard to take an early lead. But McLaughlin was gaining on her coming off the final turn and outsprinted her in the final meters.

McLaughlin was a teenager when she competed at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where she fell short of advancing to the final. It was a learning experience, and she leaned on some of those lessons in Tokyo. The Olympics were not new to her. She seemed utterly unfazed by it all.

She had spent the early part of the year refining her technique by running the 100-meter hurdles at the behest of her coach, Bob Kersee. The idea, McLaughlin said, was to “feel the rhythm of running faster.”

On Wednesday, she was the fastest in the world.

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