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DAILY RANT: American Pastors Should Take Notes From This Priest Who Stood His Ground

by Graham Allen Team

A British Pastor is setting a STRONG example for the “woke pastors” in America by showing them what standing up for your values looks like…

A University decided NOT to recognize Father David Palmer as chaplain because he REFUSED to censor his biblical grounding on abortion and euthanasia.

He stood up for what he believed in and guess what? It didn’t go well.

BUT that is what it’s going to take. The road to freedom, and standing FIRM in your ideals isn’t about “sacrificing” your values to be comfortable.

It’s about willing to be UNCOMFORTABLE for the sake of your values!!!!

A idea so simple, yet we’ve seem to have lost it.

Check out what the Catholic News Agency reported:

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The University of Nottingham, in central England, confirmed on Aug. 25 that it had declined to give official recognition to Fr. David Palmer, a priest of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. “Our concern was not in relation to Fr. David’s views themselves, but the manner in which these views have been expressed in the context of our diverse community of people of many faiths,” a spokesperson for the university told [Catholic News Agency]… “They referenced a tweet where I had referred to the proposed ‘assisted dying’ bill [introduced in Britain’s Parliament in May] as a bill to allow the NHS ‘to kill the vulnerable,'” Palmer told CNA via email on Aug. 26. “I was told it was fine for me to have this opinion, but they were concerned with how I expressed it. When I asked how they would suggest I express it, quite remarkably, they suggested I should call it ‘end of life care,’ which is a completely unacceptable policing of religious belief.”

Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is what standing your ground looks like.

Here’s his response: https://twitter.com/FrDavidPalmer/status/1430082089307754514?s=20

Props to you! American pastors, I hope you’re taking notes….

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