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‘Sleepy Joe’ or Hidin Biden?: Joe Biden Goes On Another Vacation After Multiple Other Trips

by Graham Allen Team

President Joe Biden is the laziest and most incompetent president in United States history.

As Americans remain trapped in the Taliban controlled Afghanistan, Biden is taking yet another vacation to his Delaware home as the Afghanistan crisis continues to get worse.

Biden seems to care more about his comfort and sleep than the lives of American citizens and Afghan allies.

The continuous vacations by the president are raising concerns. When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, Joe Biden was busy vacationing at Camp David. The next weekend, he planned another trip to Delaware because he wasn’t “sleeping well.”

His trip to Delaware this weekend will be his 18th trip home since late January.

“Per FAA, Biden will spend the weekend in Wilmington” – AP reporter Zeke Miller noted on Wednesday morning.

The president’s constant trips home are raising concerns considering the White House will not provide visitor logs about his trips home. Biden has spent 1/6 of his presidency in Delaware.

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“I can confirm we are not going to be providing information about the comings and goings of the president’s grandchildren or people visiting him in Delaware,” Psaki said during a briefing last month.

Last month, conservative journalist Jack Posobeic reported that President Biden was not sleeping well and wants to go home to Delaware to spend more time there. He is clearly not fit to be president.“Biden telling staff he wants to go back to Delaware. Hasn’t been sleeping well all this week. Thinks he will be more functional if he stays over at home in Wilmington,” Posobeic reported.

Just an hour after Posobiec dropped this tweet, WMAL News reported that Biden would in fact be going home to Wilmington, Delaware for a long weekend.

“President Biden, who has spent the last few days traveling between the White House and Camp David, is scheduled to head to Delaware for a long weekend,” WMAL News tweeted. “That’s according to the FAA’s website.”

When America needs him most, Biden wants to go sleep in Delaware.

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