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Washed Up Presidential Loser, Mitt Romney Attempts To Blame Trump For Afghanistan

by Graham Allen Team

Swamp creature and RINO Senator Mitt Romney is blaming the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan on former President Donald Trump after President Joe Biden allowed the Taliban to takeover the country as well as billions of dollars of U.S. equipment.

The comments from Romney came on Sunday during an interview with CNN host Jake Tapper.

Tapper said, “Should there be a U.S. military presence in the Kabul airport until every American citizen and legal permanent resident and Afghan SIV applicant is gone, even if that means service members staying for weeks and months? Of course, there’s this real possibility of American casualties.”

Romney said, “Leaving Americans behind and leaving our Afghan friends behind, who worked with us, would put upon us and will put upon us a moral stain. This is the result of very ineffective decisions by the prior administration and the current administration. This did not have to happen. It was preventable. And let me note that’s very different than the military. Our military came in at the very last moment and has performed admirably as far as I can tell to move people out as quickly as possible. We didn’t have to be in this rush, rush circumstance with terrorists breathing down our neck. It’s the responsibility of the prior administration and this administration that’s cause this crisis to be upon us and has led to what is, without question, a humanitarian and foreign policy tragedy.”


Every American deep down knows that this crisis in Afghanistan would not be taking place if Donald Trump were president.

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On Monday, former President Trump released a statement against President Joe Biden in relation to his disastrous Afghanistan withdraw led to the deaths of 13 United States Marines.

“Never in history has a withdrawal from war been handled so badly or incompetently as the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. In addition to the obvious, ALL EQUIPMENT should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States and that includes every penny of the $85 billion dollars in cost. If it is not handed back, we should either go in w/unequivocal Military force and get it, or at least bomb the hell out of it. Nobody ever thought such stupidity, as this feeble-brained withdrawal, was possible!” Trump said in a statement on Monday.

Here are some of the military items Joe Biden left behind as addressed by Fox News host Jesse Waters:

  • 75,000 war vehicles including Humvees, mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles, and armored personnel carriers.
  • 208 airplanes and helicopters — yes, the Taliban captured an air force including 20 A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft and Black Hawk helicopters.
  • 600,000 rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and howitzers were transferred to Afghan security forces

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