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Republicans Call Out Biden For Being Maskless In Area Where Masks Were “Required”

by Graham Allen Team

On Saturday, Joe Biden proved once again that he is one of the biggest hypocrites in the entire country.

Despite demanding that all Americans wear masks indoors, Biden was caught with his mask under his chin, breathing all over the people in front of him inside of Murrary’s Toggery Shop on the island on Nantucket.

Best part? The sign on the door says “Masks Required”. You literally can’t make this up.


Fox News reported the following:

“According to the White House press pool, Biden walked out of the shop at 4:45 p.m. with his mask down and drinking what appeared to be a milkshake,”

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The president ignored a question on what more needs to be done to stop the rising omicron variant as he walked down the street to another store.

Nantucket, where Biden is spending his Thanksgiving holiday, re-instituted an indoor mask mandate earlier this month.”

So Biden can violate mask mandates, but every day Americans can’t? Must be nice to be an elite.

In November, Biden was seen chatting with members of a crowd without a mask before putting it on for a photo-op.


Biden, the hypocrite in chief.

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